About us

Who Are we

CAD-Tech Resources UK Limited is a UK based, multi-disciplinary CAD Services. Our great team of CAD Technicians produce an array of different types of 2D CAD Drawings and 3D CAD Models to suit many industries and applications.

We have a professional attitude and work closely with clients in regards to company standards, workloads and time restraints. This is essential to good working relationship and ensures Complete Satisfaction.

Our Mission

Consistent Quality Our focus is to provide our clients with consistent quality. We have developed multiple processes to ensure our deliverables of the same quality every time, so our clients know what to expect and can rely on us.

Regular Communication We do not make assumptions – we will pick up the phone, email or request a screen share. We strongly believe that regular communication is the key to a successful project.

We spend a lot of time refining processes with our clients. Jensen Consulting is always open to improvements either by our clients giving us feedback or we are providing our client’s honest feedback.

Timely delivery we are not a one-man band and therefore can program our workload more efficiently. Jensen Consulting always provides a lead time and strive to keep it. Any factors that might delay our submission are made known instantly. We keep our clients updated during the project regularly with the progress, so they always know what is going on.

Our Work

As a CAD Services, we get a range of inquiries from a patent drawing of eccentric product ideas to CAD support on large infrastructure projects

Our work is mainly focused on providing the link between design and reality. We take the designs from Structural Engineers, Product Designers or MEP Consultants and turn them into information that can be relied upon for manufacture, fabrication or installation.  Basically, the documents we provide are used to build something. In order to carry out these works, we hold licenses for an array of Computer Aided Design software.